Singapore Progam Overview


The journey starts here. We’ll be hosting online pre-departure sessions to get you all ready for the program. The session will cover logistics, scheduling, cultural ettiquettes,  experiential activity preparations and anything you need to know before your flight!

DAY 3: Empathy over Sympathy

The following days of the tour will be a plethora of experience from the diversity that disability and ageing will bring you to. To prepare you for this we’ll be going through an empathy workshop with local facilitator Maleena and some critical thinking exercises. We’ll then be learning about Singapore’s leading social initiative called the ’Enabling Master Plan for Disability and Ageing services' at Singapore's Enabling Village.

DAY 6: Games and Sports

A change in pace with a bit of fun and games! We’ll be spending most of the day exchanging culture and getting a few pointers on Singaporean activities by younger students who have learning disabilities. Then later in the day (if you still have energy!) we’ll be hanging out with elite para athletes at Sports SG.

DAY 8: Social Entrepreneurship

At this point of the week, you’ll probably be buzzing with ideas for a revoluntionary piece of assistive technology or a social initiative. We’re going to throw you in the  world of social entrepreneurship and tech startups by going through ideation methodologies and mingling with Singapore’s brightest young entrepreneurs.

DAY 1: Welcome to Singapore

The weather will vary between warm, hot and hotter. One of our friendly facilitators will greet you and get you settled into with all necessary creature comforts.

DAY 4: We All Age

Disability and ageing are interlinked. We’ll be sharing stories with elderly citizens and experience disability from the medical perspective by touring key areas local hospital and their rehabilitation centres such as Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital.


We’ll then proceed to explore one of Singapore’s most friendly and well designed age care facility - Khoo Teck Puat. You probably won’t even realise it it’s an age care facility!

DAY 7: Invisible Minority

A different perspective again, we’ll be sharing stories with the ‘invisible minority’ of Singapore - migrant workers. Particularly with those who acquire an impairment and fall between the gaps of no compensation and cultural stigmas. We’ll then visit different disability organisations such as Singapore’s Association for the Deaf and learn some sign language.

DAY 9: Systems Thinking

Now nearing the end of the trip, the excitement doesn't slow down. We'll be taking a few steps out to explore the global challenges of disability and ageing and how to position ourselves in it. We’ll look through Sustainable Develop Goals and learn incredibly powerful tools to embrace complexity with a systems thinking workshop.

DAY 2: Singapore Sling

It’s the day to get to know each other and learn about Singapore, one of the most modern and fastest growing Asian country. We’ll bring you to the height of modernisation and envelop your senses with the fragrant and flavours of asian cuisine (we guarantee this food part will be a daily ritual!).

We also want to make impact straight away by setting you up with a local initiative called AllGoEasy to improve the accessibility of Singapore. You will meet the team who will set you up with venue accessibility review app to contribute to accessibility information throughout the week, ultimately making Singapore more accessible for people with disability.

DAY 5: Disability is about Barriers

Disability is about the barriers in our society that can disable or enable someone with an impairment. The day will be exploring and learning about the social model of disability through a fun and experiential activities with local students. We’ll be inviting various local NGOs and initiatives like Engineering Good for you to partake in their activities like modifying toys for children with disability.  

DAY 10: Giving Back

The final day will be for you to reflect and bring all the experiences together to formulate your future projects and initiatives post the tour. We’ll work with you to present back to local partners what you’ve learnt, what you’ll take away, and what actions you will be doing when you get back home. A certificate of completion will be awarded.

Post Program
Schedule is subject to updates.

It doesn't end here, you will be invited to join our growing Enabled Alumni network, where you will connect with Australia's brightest and most passionate individual in this space. Further opportunities will made available to exclusive Enabled Alumni participants.


For returning students who are looking to get this counted towards their work experience or course credits, we'll be more than happy to help you with it. 


  • Must be undertaking tertiary studies (international students included)

  • Open to any discipline

  • Over the age of 18 years

  • Show passion in achieving sustainable social inclusion for people with disabilities

Step 1


2019 Summer Program is now open.


2020 Summer Program Application opens on 4th November 2019

2020 Winter Program application opens on 27th February 2020 




After we have reviewed your application you will be placed on a shortlist before receiving final confirmation if your application is successful. 

A deposit of $500 will be needed to secure place and the remaining balance paid at the commencement of the program.



Each program cost will be $3500AUD. This includes all local program expenses (workshops, tours etc). Excludes accommodation, travel costs such as flights, insurance, meals and personal expenses. If you would like us to take care of everything we can include that into the costs - please let us know!

You may be eligible for the OS-Help loans (up to $7635) available for eligible students: 

OS-HELP is an Australian Government student loan program that allows students to access HELP-style loans to travel abroad during their studies. The program is an interest-free, fee-free loan provided by the Government available to eligible students who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS‑HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses. The value of OS-HELP loans are up to $7,635 for travel in Asia, and students are eligible for two loans throughout their degree.

For more information on OS-HELP, talk to your study abroad office or visit the official OS-HELP website.

Please note this is a highly competitive program and you will need time to apply for OS-HELP so please don't leave it to the last week!