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Like Australia, Singapore also serves as a significant location for design and technical education for the broader Southeast Asian region.


Singapore is facing similar opportunities to Australia with respect to their rapidly ageing population and lack of inclusive and accessible services for people with disability to fully participate in their communities as a valued member.


Singapore is a perfect environment for you to gain deep insights and understand the broader context of disability and ageing to prepare to you take on this fast-growing sector. 

Key Information 

Program Dates

  • 23rd November - 6th December 2019 (Application closed)

  • 4th July - 17th July 2020

Cost and Support

  • Program Costs: $5700 From 1st January 2020 

  • $3500 funding support for eligible RMIT students (for 2019 program only) 

  • Up to $6,791 OS-HELP for eligible students

  • CECS funding support available for eligible ANU students 

  • Costs Including accommodation, local transportation, food and all program activities

  • Costs Excluding international travel (Flight, VISA, insurance)

  • $800 non-refundable deposit is required when your attendance of the program is confirmed.

Course Credit

  • Available for eligible RMIT Industrial Design students 

  • Contact us for more options for RMIT students

  • Eligible for ANU Engineering Students work placement program for up to 2 weeks. (ENGN3013 or ENGN3100)

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