Enabled Futures is a social initiative led by passionate professionals with lived experience of disability as a part of a global team with members.


​We believe in a world everyone has equal opportunities for education, work and enjoy life. 

Our vision is where people with disability are empowered to make an impact as a valued member of our global community. To achieve this we provide disability inclusion education and consultancy to government bodies, educational institutions and corporate companies. 

We have chosen to be a private entity instead of a charity or a not for profit as we truly believe in business sustainability and the positive economic and social value that people with disability bring to our society. We need to move on from the mentality that 'disability' is viewed as a hand me out or charity case and into a value (social, economic etc) driven society.


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Co-Founder of Enabled Futures

Program Management


Angela heads up the operations of Enabled. Angela has Masters degrees in Business, Management and Project Management from the Australian National University. Her passion is for improving the independence and life well being of people with disability through entrepreneurship and education. She's also a bilingual communications trainer with Colin James Method.

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Co-Founder of Enabled Futures



Huy was named ACT Young Australian of the Year 2014. He is a humanitarian engineer, advocate for people with disability, entrepreneur and traveller, Huy is innovating and changing the face of disability inclusion in Australia and developing countries.

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Enabled Futures SG



Spear heading Enabled in Singapore is Mano. He has a deep passion to improve the awareness and attitudes faced by people with disability in Singapore. Mano is a teacher and has been married for over 25 years, he has one daughter and completed two full marathons before a rare condition called Transverse Myelitis paralysed his ability to walk.